Elizabeth Hurley – the English milf / cougar

Liz Hurley is the UK’s favourite cougar who still loves to get her tits out!

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Leaked Terry Richardson sex photos

Terry Richardson is the infamous fashion photographer who forced/encouraged  young celebrities and models to suck his cock and let him fuck them. Models & celebs include Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Cara Delevingne, Emily Ratajkowski and a host of a-list models. The photos have now been leaked:

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Top 12 celebrity pussy upskirts

N0. 12 Britney Spears

Starting us off we have Britney Spears who not only flashes some serious side boob, but reveals her cock box as well. Britney’s sin slit looks a little lopsided in this upskirt photo, it must have been smacked around pretty hard the night before.


No. 11 Stephanie Davis

Speaking of lopsided pussies, British actress Stephanie Davis’ cum dumpster looks like it has been kicked in the side of the face by a mule as she spreads eagle climbing out of this car.


No.  10 Beyonce

Try to keep down your lunch on this one, as the creature known as Beyonce flashes her mangled mocha manhole in the upskirt photo above.


No. 9 Kirsten Dunst

Actress Kirsten Dunst spreads open her disgustingly pale skinny fat legs to expose her dirty little dick socket. Its hard to tell if that is bits of hair or soil covering Kirsten’s filthy piss flaps, but the smart money is betting on it being a little of both.


N0. 8 Tamara Beckwith

English socialite Tamara Beckwith showcases her snatch while exiting a car in her slutty shoes in this upskirt pic.


No. 7 Miley Cyrus

Classic pussy upskirt


No. 6 Britney Spears

Britney Spears makes her second appearance on this list, this time giving a much clearer view of her oversized silky smooth shaved  slit.


No. 5 Lindsay Lohan

You must have known Lindsay Lohan was going to be listed here, as she shows her innovative side by flashing her dangling meat curtains while coming out of a boat instead of a car.


No. 4 Lindsay Lohan

And just like that Lindsay Lohan makes her second appearance with this photo of her maimed looking madge.


No. 3 Emma Watson

Many people forget that before Emma Watson went all militant feminist she was flashing her fanny in upskirt photos all time. Including in this one in which the naughty minx isn’t wearing any panties.


No. 2 Britney Spears

Britney Spears makes her third and final appearance on this list as she shows her full pussy lips.


No. 1 Paris Hilton

Who else but Paris Hilton the true godmother of upskirt pussy pics could come in at No. 1