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3 Things You Should Never Say Or Do To A MILF



Asking a woman’s age if she’s over 30 is like handing her a gun and saying “please shoot me in the head, I love it”.

It does absolutely nothing for anyone… it builds no attraction, rapport or sexual tension. It’s just a dead end question.

When you ask her how old she is, her first thought is “oh, age matters to him”.

So don’t ever ask, just move away from the topic completely and if she just so happens to tell you her age without you asking. Don’t react, just say “cool” and move on.


If you’re looking to just hookup with your first MILF, then asking her if she has kids could be an attraction killer.

It’s the kind of question you ask 3 or 4 dates in, when you think things are getting serious and you’ve slept together.

If it’s the first interaction, never ask her.

This question can be a sensitive topic for some MILF’s and will lead them down the defensive path of trying to make you sound young. Essentially she’ll be talking herself out of hooking up with you.


As I said above, older women (MILFS) like mature younger guys.

They don’t want to be talking about Grand Theft Auto or that you went to a house party last night and raged.

MILFS are looking for a younger guy with a wise head on his shoulders, who knows his way around the bedroom and can hold a conversation, make her laugh and really enjoy the moment.


Once you can work out the attraction phase with MILF’s, the next step is to make sure that you know how to show her a good time between the sheets.

Don’t be selfish, go down on her, be attentive and take your time.

Remember she’s seen it all before, so she wants a pro that will hit the spot… wink wink.