6 Photos to Avoid in Your Online Dating Profile

To get the most out of your dating profile consider these tips about the kind of photos to avoid posting.

No drunk or party photos: It might seem fun to include a picture of you downing that pint or shot at some festival, but it might make your dates wonder if you party too much or drink too much!  Avoid scaring potential dates based on a few late nights out having fun – find activities that represent who you are in your normal every day life.

Avoid group photos: If you post a group photo, not only will potential dates wonder which one you are  but they are more likely to want to date your friends!

Lose the duck faces: The popularity of the selfie has resulted in the popularity of making duck faces at the camera for some unknown reason. People don’t want to see your Kylie Jenner impression, they want to know who you are and what you really look like. A nice smile is always better.

Don’t show off in your photos: You may be proud of that photo you took with George Clooney or Kate Moss or that new car you just bought –  but please don’t pose next to them for your photos. It all does is tell people you’re desperate for attention.

Include a body photo: If you have nothing but shots of your face, people assume you’e hiding something – your body.

Avoid photos of your pets: It sounds obvious but please avoid posting pics of your cute dog or cat. It’s not a turn on and people are not on the website to date your pets.

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