crushed, 21 from Edgware in Middlesex

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I am not gonna play the good girl roll, just not me. I am a bad girl and I know it. I wont lie, I have stolen a friends boyfriend, had a few one night stands, and even experimented with the same sex. I am no angel and I would hate to be, so not looking for a guy to "save" me. I like being naughty and I like having fun and in most cases no one gets hurt. I make no promises cause I do like it on the rough side. I am one of the few girls I know that actually like to give head, it makes me feel sexy and its a real turn on for me. Yep, I swallow 😉 I am looking for a guy that isnt gonna try and put me on a leash, I dont like being controlled. I appreciate a good personality too! Someone with the same dark sense of humor.

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