How To Get Sex Online: Finding Easy Women And Their Insecurities

Want to know the easiest way to get sex online? All you have to do is become an expert at spotting easy women. There are loads of easy women online. Pretty much every hookup site has them!

Before I go into how to spot them, here’s the reasons women sign-up for casual sex sites…

  • They’re single and haven’t had sex for a while so they’re extra horny
  • They recently had a break-up and need sex to get their mind off their ex partner.
  • They prefer a discreet relationship because they don’t want their friends and family to know they’re out just looking for sex!
  • They’re tired of meeting up with drunks in a bar or club.
  • They’re too fat and no one offline chats them up.
  • They haven’t had any luck finding any decent men to have sex with offline.
  • Their partner isn’t putting out much or sucks in bed.

Every woman has a different reason for signing up for a casual sex site such as The easiest way to find a date is to go after the easy ones. From the list above, only of few of those types of women are easy. You’ll have to put in more time and effort to get the other types of women into bed. Let’s go down through the list and determine just how easy they are…

Single and Haven’t Been Laid for a While: Some are easy, but most are not. Just because a woman is horny doesn’t mean she doesn’t have high standards. Women have vibrators to keep them happy until they find a man to replace it.

Recently Went Through a Breakup: These are some of the easiest women. They’re vulnerable. They want something to get their mind off their ex. Sex tends to do that. BONUS: If she mentions that she wants to get back at her ex by fucking some random stranger, you’d have to be a total loser not to be able to hit that.

Prefer a Discreet Relationship: This usually isn’t an easy girl. She’s probably going to want to get to know you for a while before meeting due to privacy issues. I’d avoid this type of girl if you’re wanting a quick fuck.

Tired of Bar Flies: This is another group you’re going to have to work on to get into bed. She clearly has some standards or she would continue fucking random drunks. Stay away if you want it now!

Fat Women: Perhaps the easiest women are the heffers. I’m not into doing a fatty, but if I was really desperate, you’re damn right I’d go find one and do her! Big girls need some loving too. And they’re equally desperate. Pretty much any guy they meet will be offered to have sex with them on the first date. So if you just want to rub one off, pick out a fattie and you’ll have her in your bed in no time.

Can’t Find Men Offline: They’ve tried bars, the gym, friends, etc. with no success. They’re too picky. Any woman could get laid easily offline. So if she’s not getting laid, it’s because she’s picky. So stay away from this type of woman. She’ll have way too high standards and will make you wait for sex.

Significant Other Sucks in Bed: This type of woman doesn’t want a quickie and will have way too high of standards. Her sex life at home is terrible so she’s going to be searching for someone that can please her the way she wishes her husband would. She won’t fuck the first guy she chats with. She’s likely to chat with dozens of men before settling on one (or two).

3 Questions to Ask Immediately That Give Away Whether or Not She’s Down to Fuck Right Now

If you’re looking to get laid right away, you shouldn’t even bother with women that aren’t ready to hookup. You can’t always tell from a profile how likely she is to want to hookup right away. So you have to inquire. If I don’t feel like waiting for sex, I get rid of women 5 minutes into a conversation if I don’t think they’ll hookup with me within 24 hours. I do that by immediately asking these 3 questions…

  • How desperately do you need to get laid?
  • If you met the right guy, would you be willing to have sex on a first date?
  • How recently have you gone through a breakup?

If she mentions she is so damn horny that she can’t think straight, would put out on the first date if things went well, and/or she has recently gone through a tough breakup, I pretty much know I’m going to get sex within a day (as long as her/our schedule is open). This is a vulnerable woman because she’s either been through a rough break-up or is desperate for sex. Of course, if she’s fat, you’re not going to have to ask those qualifying questions. 9 out of 10 overweight women will have sex, right away, with basically anyone that shows interest in them.

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