DirtyDivision, 49 from Bexleyheath in London

What makes me attractive is my sense of humour. I can make you laugh your arse off! I bring nothing but positive vibes!

I have a boyfriend but he just does not have what it takes to make me moan h… [more]

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ohsexymilf, 47 from Bexleyheath in London

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I want a man who can appreciate the small things in life. Not looking for grand gestures. I just want a casual relations… [more]

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Kimberly_Kisse, 46 from Bexleyheath in Kent

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My lust is big and deep and nobody can sex you up better than me lol. It's like a guarantee and I have no intention on breaking it. Why do someone get to experience bad sex? I think it's not fair which is why I never ever neglect the guy I'm in bed with and I make sure to give him all the care and attention he needs. When it comes down to appearing attractive to me, all you need is a good heart and a barrel of jokes. I truly can't resist a guy when he can make me laugh. And if his witty lines just keeps on coming. Maybe it's because I love laughing or that I love feeling good. But aside from that, I really want to share some laughter with someone. It feels more endearing that way. As you have probably seen from my stats I'm married and I dont plan on changing my marital status in the near future. So a dicreet gentleman is just what I need to give me what I'm not getting at home wink wink lol x

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