Ashley_27, 27 from Stevenage in Hertfordshire

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Hello, my name is Ashley I just turned 27, I have been told I am a real wild child, I am definitely hot girl and I am a masturbator. When I was 13 I was taking a short cut across the park and a man called me over. As I got closer he had his penis in his hand, it was hard and he was stroking it real fast. Startled I just watched as he stroked it faster and he ejaculated. That night after my families evening prayers, I was alone in my room. All I could think about was how hot the man looked jerking his dick for me. Very soon I caught myself rubbing my clitoris.
My vagina was wet and I did my best to penetrate my virgin pussy. I thought of his thick white cum load shooting out and a nice feeling came over me. I rubbed my clit real fast and I had my first orgasm.  I felt satisfied and complete. I came four more times, each one was stronger and made my clit ticklish. I'm looking for a nice kind guy with big dick and strong body.

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