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Hello to all my fantasy daddies, grandpas and uncles all, I am Candis. I just became of age and I can legally do the things that were forbidden in the past because I was jail bait. I enjoy the mall and I am sexually well beyond my years. I am bisexual and have several girlfriends from my school I make out with and finger.
I enjoy role play of all kinds and to be honest the naughtier the sex play. The more my little slit of a twat gets off. Straight fucking and oral play is boring and I just assume leave that to the boys at school. Experienced men know what's fun and how to get my horny little cunt off. I enjoy older/younger role play and its so much fun to be the virgin "daddies girl". be warned I can be a handful of trouble "daddy". Sometimes I am in the mood for something a little darker and be the demanding spoiled princess who wants everything and I want it now.

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